Tips for finding a compensation lawyer in Hervey Bay

If you have been injured on the job, you would need the services of a compensation lawyer in order to maximize the value of your case. The following are a few tips which would ensure that you find the right practitioners of compensation and personal injury law.

Compensation lawyers in Hervey Bay do not charge for a consultation

Majority of compensation lawyers are willing to provide free consultations for the new clients. If you find a compensation lawyer who is charging you fee you should steer clear of them. The basic aim of the lawyer is to ensure that you get a compensation for the losses that you have suffered. Once you have won the case they are going to charge you a fee based on the amount that you were able to secure from the defendant.

Most compensation lawyers perform the initial consultation over the phone. Although this is not a bad thing but visiting their office reveals vital pieces of information which are useful for you.

When you meet a compensation lawyer the most important question is to ask them is that would be handling your case. You also need to know about their qualification. Yhe lawyer to whom you might speak at the initial consultation might be an accredited specialist but may not be the lawyer who would be handling the case. There are several large law firms which use the same approach. Initially you are made to speak to an impressive partner but later on your case might have a hand it to a junior lawyer.

Get to know the name of the lawyer who is going to do the legal work on your case. It is important that you find out that whether they are an accredited specialist in personal injury law. It should be kept in mind that if you are working with the larger law firm the usually tend to treat the clients like numbers and usually handover the cases to the junior lawyers. If you think that you are having a difficulty speaking to a lawyer you may want to think again about hiring them. Sometimes you also need to ask them what are the chances for success in your case. A lawyer who is an expert in compensation law has an idea of how long a claim is going to take and whether it has any chances of success.

You might also want to know how long the case is going to take. An experienced compensation lawyer would be able to give you an accurate guideline. It is however going to be an estimate but it would give your proper idea from the very beginning. Anyone who does not give your straight answer is an indication that the lawyer may not be quite experienced. Usually the lawyers charge an hourly rate for the legal fee however in case of a compensation case the lawyer will not the charging an hourly amount. In fact once your case is completed and you have obtained the claim then only they are going to charge you a contingency fee.

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