Things You Shouldn’t Tell Your Family Lawyer

With the courtesy of the work ethics surrounding the relationship of a lawyer and a client, the information cannot be leaked out to the third party without a few exceptions. However, if you look at it from a client’s perspective, you might be advised to not tell everything to the lawyer which is not true at all. You need to discuss every single detail about your marriage and post marriage so that your lawyer can build a strong case in your favour and is not encountered with new evidence in the trial or settlement. This would fall greatly in your loss. Keeping that in mind, there are some things that you should not discuss with your family lawyer.

Cost of the legal services

When you show that you do not care about the expenses and you can pay whatever you want just to get out of the case, you are allowing the lawyer to double his cost and letting yourself pay more in a rush. This is something that you should avoid because you need not pay more than a single penny for the legal services that you can accommodate from other lawyers at a lesser price. In conclusion, when you are bringing your contract to hire the lawyer to the table, make sure that you agree on a fixed price.

Bringing your friends

Bringing your friends to the meetings with the family lawyer Brisbane may break the client lawyer relationship that requires privacy and professionalism. Your friend will be the third party that is not allowed to hear the conversation between you and your lawyer. The privilege that binds you and your lawyer will break and you might be subjected with this particular threat displayed as evidence in court. Moreover, it might not look good on your demeanour which might be used against you in court. This could eventually lead to the owning up to the responsibility of the divorce.

Being in a hurry

If you exhibit yourself as a person who wants to get this over with as soon as possible, then this might put you at a great disadvantage. This might not be advisable because the family lawyer will then be urged to finish this faster and no good is achieved when carried at a hurried pace. Moreover, your lawyer will not be able to gather the necessary evidence that may put your case in a strong position so that your side can look good in front of the judge. This will put a dent not only on your case but might get you in trouble with child custody and child support. Hence, you should let your attorney handle it with the pace he can show his best work at.

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