4 Tips on how to develop a small advertising budget

The analysis of paid advertising campaigns (usually for the classic Pay per Click) can be particularly stimulating when you are working on a campaign with a limited budget .

Although the common perception is that it takes a big budget to be successful, it has been seen that carrying out a smaller and strictly controlled campaign of even 10 euros a day can sometimes give better results, especially if you are in a market with a limited demand ( niche ).

There are some small tricks of your business strategy that can make a difference both in terms of budget and success. If you have a limit of 5 – 15 euros per day, here are some ways you can maximize your PPC campaign.

Google Adwords offers 75 euros of free campaigns to new users, Bing offers 30. This allows you to get a voucher for the same amount that you spent in your first month of Pay per Click.

So if you spent € 50 in the first month’s paid campaign, Google gives you a € 50 bonus for your second month.

  1. Focus only on one network, preferably on using Adwords for example: the Search Network and the Display Network . There are also video ads and other tools perfected for mobile, but they are channels that need a much higher level of confidence.

Although you may not know initially which of the two is better, focus on one and avoid squandering your money with mediocre results in both.

While the display network can work well if you know how to manage it, I advise you to focus only on the search network, because it is much easier to manage and will give you better results with very limited budget campaigns.

In addition, avoiding the display network eliminates the need for new creative, contextual, etc. targets, which could make managing a smaller campaign more difficult.

3.The more keywords you have, the more time you need to monitor their performance. Furthermore, you would risk losing your budget too quickly by adding a large number of keywords.

Running a low budget campaign with thousands of keywords will lead to failure. Discipline yourself to start small, stop if necessary and gradually add them.

  1. Monitor your explicit match terms like a hawk
    Coming out while you’re ahead is great, but recognizing when you need to reduce a loss will save you a terrible financial faux pas. Look at the explicit terms!

The relevant keywords are great, but not all searches will be relevant, because if people click on your ad and don’t find what they need, this will turn into a high bounce rate .

If you see a keyword that no longer transforms, or that generally has low CTRs (<0.50%), it will be necessary to eliminate them or at least change the match types so that they make sense.

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