15 ideas to advertise your small business for little or nothing

1) Communication : create an online presence on all social media and channels relevant to your business; LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, email, blogs, chat on the company website and toll-free number.

2) Business cards : leave them wherever possible and to anyone you meet.
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3) Newsletter : collect customer email addresses and create a weekly, fortnightly or monthly newsletter in which you inform them of promotions or events.

4) Company website : always keep the website updatedand accounts on social networks business. You must show your customers that you are always active within your small business.

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5) YouTube : create a video of your products or services, publish the link to the video on YouTube on all corporate social media accounts, blogs and websites.

6) Always stay in touch : communicate regularly with your customers by sending them a handwritten thank you card and with a discount voucher attached.

7) Loyalty : reward your most loyal customers, for example, with a 20% discount on their next purchase. Don’t assume customers will come back to buy from you. Show your appreciation for their continued support for your business.

8) Old-fashioned advertising : print leaflets flyers and deliver them door to door in your community. You can also leave them on the windshields of cars in a mall parking lot.

9) Make sure to appear in the lists : both Google andBing allow local businesses to sign up for their lists for free.

10) Suppliers : talk to your suppliers and ask them if they know of any other company that may need your products or services. Also try to find out if they have an ad board on which you can stick your business card.

11) Offer to make a presentation : volunteer organizations, industry conferences and local entrepreneur groups are often looking for speakers for their events. These are excellent opportunities to get in touch with potential customers or partners and advertise yourself and your company.

12) Products or services : it doesn’t matter what you are trying to sell; advertise yourself by offering promotional samples and showing off your work. yo can get an idea of ​​your business and will have the opportunity to see if they find something interesting.

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13) Marketing on the move : if you use a car or a truck to carry out your business, make sure that the company name, logo and contact information are clearly visible on the bodywork. An inexpensive alternative are magnetic plates, which you can place on the sides of the vehicle.

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14) Competition : organize a competition on your website or on Facebook. Make the reward interesting and related to your business. For example: a 40% discount voucher on one of your services or a bag containing test samples. NB: in this way you can increase traffic on the website or on company social media profiles, as well as the number of people who follow your online activity

15) Community events : whether fundraising, festivals or even days dedicated to the family, try to advertise yourself by offering or donating your services / products to events organized within your community. the way to give visibility to your business and to get in touch with potential customers in your area.

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