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How do you sell something that the world does not know about? Poses a dilemma, right? This accurately captures the essence of the importance of marketing in the world of business. No business can survive on its own without creating awareness for its products and nobody can deny it.


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Therefore, Kahdo is here to help you say out loud what you are about. We are based in Australia and hold our expertise in the field of advertisements.

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We create and run the best advertisements that you can find.

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With a special focus on creating entire campaigns, we have been responsible for several high impact advertisements in the past.

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To make it all possible, we provide our services under the following categories:

Digital Marketing Both brands and its customers realize that marketing today is all about going digital. However, in many ways the digital content is different from the advertisements that you will see on televisions or posters on billboards.
John Doe

 We offer high engagement advertisements in digital marketing and bring you the very best advertisements for all social media, be it Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat.

Print Services

No matter how effective digital marketing is, we also understand that print services are not completely dead yet. We organize our effort in placing advertisements in the best publications and standalone advertisements.

Recent Articles

Importance of Body Corporate Services Gold Coast

On the Gold Coast, an established legal entity of any condominium or homeowner association is known as a body corporate. Body Corporate Services Gold Coast is there to manage and maintain the common assets of multi-unit commercial or residential properties.

 Professional management companies provide body corporate services Gold Coast assistance to enable them to fulfill their responsibilities. This makes a way for effective property management.

Importance of Body Corporate Services

Community living assets are protected and kept in tip-top form with an effective body of corporate services in place. The important role body corporate services in fulfilling their responsibilities include:

Ensure the proper management of a property

Residents of a common property are ensured comfortable living with proper management of common areas and utilities. A fully functional property operating at its peak is the only way to ensure comfortable living conditions. Serious consequences are often the result of improper property management.

Body corporate services are responsible for ensuring that residents of a common property live comfortably and safely at all times.

Financial Managers

Property assets increase their value when properly maintained. It is the sole responsibility of body corporate services to maintain the upkeep of a property’s repairs, insurance, building, maintenance, and payments of utility bills.

An administrative and a sinking fund developed by an owners’ corporation enables them to meet the expenses and costs of property maintenance. Owners of the common property are required to meet the levies without the hassle of late payments.

Building or property repairs, maintenance, and projects can become delayed with delayed levy payments. Serious consequences are often the result of late levy payments.

With this, one of the important roles of a body corporate is to ensure that levies are collected on time as well as provide the correct accounting for expenses incurred.

Building and Safety Management

The Gold Coast has numerous regulations and laws that need to be complied with regardless of property size. Lift and fire certifications are some of the regulations included in property law.

Complying with the state’s property laws and regulations is one of the responsibilities of a body corporate. Complying with the laws and regulations means that a body corporate ensures regular checks and evaluations of the common property areas including services and amenities.

Managing the community

Peace and order should be maintained in a community living close together. Following the by-laws of the body corporate is the smartest way to ensure peaceful living among the members of the community.

The by-laws created by the body corporate are also there to maintain peace as well as protect the safety of residents when using common amenities and areas. The by-laws provided by a body corporate are either structured on their own or follow the standards set by the state government.

Enhance harmony among all residents

It is the responsibility of professional body corporate services on the Gold Coast to enhance harmony among the residents of the community. It can be achieved by:

  • Organise social events as a way to get feedback from the various residents
  • Clear and concise communication of the rules of the property.  The enforcement of the rules is the best way to enhance harmony among the residents.
  • Act as mediators in disputes between property owners. The most common issues usually involve improper parking and pets.
  • Effective management of the common property

Search Engine Optimisation Agencies

If you are planning to hire a search engine optimisation (SEO) agency to boost your business, you should check out some of the top agencies on the market. The best SEO agencies will help you grow your business by increasing your revenue and sales leads. The agency will work with you to improve your website’s ranking on Google and other search engines.

When you choose an SEO agency, make sure that they are up to date with the latest trends and techniques. You should also make sure that they invest in regular education so they are on top of the industry. Moreover, good communication is essential. You should be able to talk to a single person who will answer all of your questions and ensure that you are not treated like a number to the agency.

An SEO campaign begins with an analysis of your current ranking on Google. Once this is done, your SEO agency will work on fixing any issues and boosting your website’s visibility. Most SEO campaigns last for a month or two, but some may require ongoing maintenance. If you do not want to spend much money on SEO, you can opt for a pay-per-click agency. These agencies specialize in getting websites ranked higher in organic search results.

Prices vary between SEO agencies, but most of them charge a monthly retainer or a one-time fee. This fee can range from $500 to $2,000. You can also choose an hourly rate for a SEO expert. These experts charge between $100 and 150 per hour. Whether you choose a monthly retainer or an hourly basis, you should be able to find the right price for your needs.

The best SEO agency should also have skills in social media marketing. This is vital for your SEO campaigns. The firm should have a fan acquisition strategy and work to gain followers. It should also have a strong grasp of content marketing. This will help them drive traffic into the marketing funnel. They should be able to help you use video and images effectively.

A good search engine optimisation agency will also provide a set of deliverables that prove that their work is being done well. This includes an analysis of your website and a list of articles that link to your site. These deliverables can also be customized to suit your needs. Ideally, the deliverables will be measurable and tangible.

How SEO Increases Online Visibility

SEO increases online visibility by optimizing the content of a website for search engines like Google. By improving your visibility, you can drive more traffic to your site and convert more visitors into customers.

 In today’s highly competitive online world, SEO will help you stand out from the crowd. Without search visibility, your target audience will not be able to find your business. However, with the right search visibility, your target audience can easily learn about you and your products.

SEO visibility can be improved with a few key projects. These projects can include link-building campaigns, category pages, and long-tail keywords. A key project is the homepage, which receives the most links and mentions. This means it will have a higher page authority, allowing other pages to benefit from this.

It’s important to keep up with changes in search algorithms because they can significantly impact your SEO visibility. You can monitor changes to the algorithms by using tools such as Moz and Google’s Webmaster Tools. Google also releases updates to let you know about these changes, so you can adjust your website accordingly.

 It’s also important to make sure each page has its own unique set of targeted keywords. Otherwise, they will all be competing with each other for online visibility.

Besides improving your website’s appearance, SEO can also improve the quality of your content. High-quality content will provide a better user experience, which will increase your rankings on Google. Additionally, Google reckons that the longer a person spends on a site, the better. The speed of your website also matters in terms of search engine optimization.

Remember to work with an agency that delivers guaranteed SEO results.

Should I hire personal injury lawyers after an injury?

If you have ever been hit by a car or anyone close to you was involved in an accident, you know how the situation can make you feel disoriented. Suppose the accident was due to negligence by the company, driver, or any other person. In that case, you deserve to get some compensation for the medical bills plus other expenses you may incur. Although you do not have to call your injury lawyers after all car accidents, there are some instances when you must call these lawyers as fast as you can.

Why should I call personal injury lawyers when I’m injured?

Most people do not know the essence of calling their injury lawyer after an injury, while others do not know whether hiring a personal injury lawyer is crucial or not. Despite the level of injuries, there are many reasons why you must always remember to contact your injury lawyer immediately after the accident. The following are some of the reasons why you should always hire a personal injury lawyer.

  • They are objective and professional

Whenever you are involved in an accident and get injured, the situation can result in much pain and emotional challenges. It can be difficult for you to make any decisions when you are in such a situation, especially due to the trauma that comes with the pain and injuries. When you have a personal injury lawyer, they can make objective decisions on your behalf and help you file claims on our behalf. Since they are professionals, will they ensure that you do all they can to get the right settlement for you?

  • They are great at negotiating.

After an accident occurs and your injury lawyer files a claim, your injury lawyer will have to negotiate with the offending party’s legal representative and insurance to ensure that you get the best settlement. At times if you have no personal injury lawyer, you may end up getting a settlement that is lower than the costs that you incurred due to a lack of negotiating skills.

  • They can help you get the best medical help.

It will help if you put your injury lawyer among the contacts that can be contacted in case of an emergency. For this reason, whenever you are involved in any accidents, they will be among the first people to be called. Therefore, they will help you get the best medical attention since they know the best medical centres around you where you can get better attention.

  • They make the compensation process faster

When you do not have personal injury lawyers to help you with your compensation process, it may take years for you to get compensated. This is why you should contact a personal injury lawyer after the injury so that they can begin with the compensation process. This means that they get to file the claims on your behalf and will follow all the required procedures to ensure that you get compensated as fast as possible.

  • It gives you peace of mind

Most accidents can be so fatal that they may lead to intense emotional trauma and post-traumatic stress. It can be very stressful for you to follow up on your injury claims when you are in such a position. With a personal injury lawyer, you get to relax and have your issues handled by experts, giving you the peace of mind you need to recover from the accidents.

Should I hire personal injury lawyers?

In case you have been wondering whether you should hire a specialised personal injury law firm or not, you have enough reasons to make a sound decision. However, having personal injury lawyers is an important investment that you need to make whether you are injured or not. You may never know what will happen tomorrow yet you need all the help that you need in case anything happens and you are injured.

Tips for finding a compensation lawyer in Hervey Bay

If you have been injured on the job, you would need the services of a compensation lawyer in order to maximize the value of your case. The following are a few tips which would ensure that you find the right practitioners of compensation and personal injury law.

Compensation lawyers in Hervey Bay do not charge for a consultation

Majority of compensation lawyers are willing to provide free consultations for the new clients. If you find a compensation lawyer who is charging you fee you should steer clear of them. The basic aim of the lawyer is to ensure that you get a compensation for the losses that you have suffered. Once you have won the case they are going to charge you a fee based on the amount that you were able to secure from the defendant.

Most compensation lawyers perform the initial consultation over the phone. Although this is not a bad thing but visiting their office reveals vital pieces of information which are useful for you.

When you meet a compensation lawyer the most important question is to ask them is that would be handling your case. You also need to know about their qualification. Yhe lawyer to whom you might speak at the initial consultation might be an accredited specialist but may not be the lawyer who would be handling the case. There are several large law firms which use the same approach. Initially you are made to speak to an impressive partner but later on your case might have a hand it to a junior lawyer.

Get to know the name of the lawyer who is going to do the legal work on your case. It is important that you find out that whether they are an accredited specialist in personal injury law. It should be kept in mind that if you are working with the larger law firm the usually tend to treat the clients like numbers and usually handover the cases to the junior lawyers. If you think that you are having a difficulty speaking to a lawyer you may want to think again about hiring them. Sometimes you also need to ask them what are the chances for success in your case. A lawyer who is an expert in compensation law has an idea of how long a claim is going to take and whether it has any chances of success.

You might also want to know how long the case is going to take. An experienced compensation lawyer would be able to give you an accurate guideline. It is however going to be an estimate but it would give your proper idea from the very beginning. Anyone who does not give your straight answer is an indication that the lawyer may not be quite experienced. Usually the lawyers charge an hourly rate for the legal fee however in case of a compensation case the lawyer will not the charging an hourly amount. In fact once your case is completed and you have obtained the claim then only they are going to charge you a contingency fee.

Choosing Solicitors to Represent You

No matter if you are seeking a divorce, if you have sustained a physical injury, or even facing a criminal charge, the most crucial thing in Australia is to seek the counsel of a solicitor. Any kind of charges or harm done to you requires knowledge on how to proceed in the future. Solicitors know all the rules and regulations and also have the experience to represent you in court. They also know what kind of documentation you require and can help you save a lot of trouble and money with their expertise.

1. Protecting your rights

Solicitors are specialists at law with knowledge behind them. They are well-trained and experienced to handle any case put before them. Since they are also well informed, you can be sure that they will professionally represent you and know how to help you with your case. A solicitor is the best person to protect your rights, especially when you have to stand trial.

2. Qualified and experienced

Valid and licensed solicitors in Australi are specialists at law and have undergone all the relevant education and training. The solicitors usually spend their time every day in different court environments and represent all kinds of cases. You can rely on a solicitor to have your best interests at heart and to represent you expertly in a court environment.

3. Filing the paperwork

If you need a solicitor to represent you, you can be sure that they will know all the kinds of paperwork required. They’ll go out of their way to make sure that everything is thought of and make sure that you are fully represented according to Australian law. Without hiring a solicitor, you can make mistakes and wind up spending a lot of money out of pocket and perhaps not winning your case.

4. Professional advice

A solicitor can also provide you with professional advice. Whatever your case might be, a solicitor is someone who is experienced in many different fields of law. They know what the laws are and know how to make sure you are fully represented to the best potential. They will be ready to offer you the best advice and excellent solutions to win your case in court.

5. Looking for a solicitor online

The best and top-notch solicitors in Australia will always market their services online. You can find information about the solicitors and the law firms they represent. You can also choose a solicitor based on the kind of case you have against you or the case you want to file against someone who has wronged you. Online you can make inquires before you make your choice. Always make sure to check a solicitor’s references and the law firm’s certification.

6. Recommendation and reference

One of the best things you can do is to inquire among work colleagues, family, and friends to see if anyone has used a solicitor’s services in Australia. In this way, you can find out about the fees required and if the representation was to their satisfaction. Someone who has been represented before can provide you with an insight into what to expect. They can also advise you about what sort of questions you should ask your chosen solicitor. 

Facing a court case is always a serious problem. So get all the information you need beforehand and get the best possible representation so you can win your case in court.

Stone Group are leading solicitors in Gold Coast. They will be glad to get you out of any legal bind you find yourself in.

Google Ads Management Tips

Online marketing is an effective way to increase your sales and visibility more, but it requires good planning. Google Ads is one of the most effective and well-known online marketing tools available. This is a pay-per-click service, which means that your business pays less every time you click on one of your ads or even if it’s a promotion, text, video, or banner. Your Google Ads may be based on specific topics or keywords that make them the ideal despite the size and type of business. If you need an advertising platform that can help you reach the millions of people you target, Google Ads is the place to be. With good planning, you can enjoy faster results with higher returns and results in your business.

Yes, Google advertising can be a very effective way to increase your visibility and get more business. At the same time, spending a lot of your money to get a good deal, as well as setting the right course, requires your partner to be able to advertise your Google. However, for you to enjoy all the benefits of Google ADs, you will require a google ADs manager who has all the skills that will help your business in Google ADs management. The following are some of the tips that will help you and your business in proper google ADs management:

Ensure that your Google ads accounts have the best structures

Every time you want to use your Google Ads to launch a campaign, the first thing you have to do is review your Google Ads account structure. This is because the Google Ads account structure will describe your planning and organization of the keywords, ad groups, and campaigns.

You have to follow a certain hierarchy when you are structuring your Google Ads. You begin with the account, then the campaign while the Ad groups and keywords follow.

Whenever you create the campaign, your team has to come up with ad groups that will be coordinating the topics and areas of focus. The ad groups are expected to feature several keywords that will be describing your products and targeting major searches. Therefore, for effective google Ads management, you have to ensure that you use the right practices when arranging your account structure.

Find out your competitors Pay-per-click strategies

Some people will create and launch their google ads campaigns without knowing the pay-per-click that their competitors use, but it is never recommendable. You have to ensure that you do this research to prevent losing leads, as well as the revenue you spend. You can get help from a PPC agency so that you can launch your campaign knowing the PPC strategies that are used by your competitors. This makes your campaign stronger and ensures that you get the most from what you have in your budget.

Know your goals and audience

This is a very crucial Google Ads management tip that most people forget. However, anytime you think of coming up with your account structure, you should have these two things in mind. They should help you in coming up with the most perfect google ads account structure. Therefore, you will target the right audience, and at the same time, you will be able to achieve your goals.

Keep your keywords and target audience refined

You want to know how your google Ads management is progressing every time. Therefore, you should have your team collecting data on the performance of your keywords and audience targeting. This will always help you in working on your target audience and keyword, ensuring that they are refined.

Find a reliable adwords management company to do the job for you effectively and efficiently.

Why you need to hire tax accountants

If yours is a small business you may already be on the lookout for an accountant. However, if it’s Tax time for your business it is advisable to hire a CPA. They can provide you all the information regarding tax planning and would also help you devise a strategy so that you are able to minimize your tax liability for the next year.

They would also be able to represent you when the IRS has questions about your returns. If your company is going through an audit having a tax accountant present is an important thing.

It should be kept in mind that business taxes are different from personal taxes. Even if you have handle your taxes on your own you may still want to hire a professional tax accountant especially when the tax situation gets complex. Any business even if it is small employs a certain number of individuals. They may also sell products to customers in different states or countries. Having a tax accountant can help you out can save your time and ensure that everything is done the right way.

How a tax accountant can help you?

  • A tax accountant makes it easier for you to understand and comply with the recent changes in the tax. Sometimes the tax code can change and they can help you understand how this change would affect your business.
  • They also help you know which deductions you qualify for. It is important that you take as many deductions as you are entitled to. However care must be taken that you do not take any questionable deductions which might result in an audit. Tax accountant would help you decide which deductions you are eligible for. Following the advice can save you from a great deal of trouble.
  • For any new startup it is important to understand that all cos initially are deductible. The amount that you have to deduct can be decided by your text counted.
  • Most people run their small business from home and sometimes things get in terminal. In such cases it is not easy to know which expenses are deductible. The tax accountant can help you understand where and when you can deduct and how you can save yourself from an audit.
  • There are certain circumstances which require expert advice. Sometimes a letter from the IRS simply notifying that your business is going to be audited can have you feeling all anxious. During this time the services of a tax accountant can truly be a blessing in disguise.
  • If you want considering taking a business loan your tax accountant can help you decide which kind of financial option is suitable for your plan. They are able to decide the right kind of loan for your business and also determine the ideal size of the loan and how the payments will impact the profits.
  • Even if you are deciding to merge or sell your business there are going to be significant changes and these changes would bring about tax implications regarding which you do not know a great deal.

CLM Accountants will help you sort out your taxes and other financial matters.

Things You Shouldn’t Tell Your Family Lawyer

With the courtesy of the work ethics surrounding the relationship of a lawyer and a client, the information cannot be leaked out to the third party without a few exceptions. However, if you look at it from a client’s perspective, you might be advised to not tell everything to the lawyer which is not true at all. You need to discuss every single detail about your marriage and post marriage so that your lawyer can build a strong case in your favour and is not encountered with new evidence in the trial or settlement. This would fall greatly in your loss. Keeping that in mind, there are some things that you should not discuss with your family lawyer.

Cost of the legal services

When you show that you do not care about the expenses and you can pay whatever you want just to get out of the case, you are allowing the lawyer to double his cost and letting yourself pay more in a rush. This is something that you should avoid because you need not pay more than a single penny for the legal services that you can accommodate from other lawyers at a lesser price. In conclusion, when you are bringing your contract to hire the lawyer to the table, make sure that you agree on a fixed price.

Bringing your friends

Bringing your friends to the meetings with the family lawyer Brisbane may break the client lawyer relationship that requires privacy and professionalism. Your friend will be the third party that is not allowed to hear the conversation between you and your lawyer. The privilege that binds you and your lawyer will break and you might be subjected with this particular threat displayed as evidence in court. Moreover, it might not look good on your demeanour which might be used against you in court. This could eventually lead to the owning up to the responsibility of the divorce.

Being in a hurry

If you exhibit yourself as a person who wants to get this over with as soon as possible, then this might put you at a great disadvantage. This might not be advisable because the family lawyer will then be urged to finish this faster and no good is achieved when carried at a hurried pace. Moreover, your lawyer will not be able to gather the necessary evidence that may put your case in a strong position so that your side can look good in front of the judge. This will put a dent not only on your case but might get you in trouble with child custody and child support. Hence, you should let your attorney handle it with the pace he can show his best work at.

15 ideas to advertise your small business for little or nothing

1) Communication : create an online presence on all social media and channels relevant to your business; LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, email, blogs, chat on the company website and toll-free number.

2) Business cards : leave them wherever possible and to anyone you meet.
Ten golden rules for creating effective business cards
3) Newsletter : collect customer email addresses and create a weekly, fortnightly or monthly newsletter in which you inform them of promotions or events.

4) Company website : always keep the website updatedand accounts on social networks business. You must show your customers that you are always active within your small business.

10 things that make your website unprofessional
5) YouTube : create a video of your products or services, publish the link to the video on YouTube on all corporate social media accounts, blogs and websites.

6) Always stay in touch : communicate regularly with your customers by sending them a handwritten thank you card and with a discount voucher attached.

7) Loyalty : reward your most loyal customers, for example, with a 20% discount on their next purchase. Don’t assume customers will come back to buy from you. Show your appreciation for their continued support for your business.

8) Old-fashioned advertising : print leaflets flyers and deliver them door to door in your community. You can also leave them on the windshields of cars in a mall parking lot.

9) Make sure to appear in the lists : both Google andBing allow local businesses to sign up for their lists for free.

10) Suppliers : talk to your suppliers and ask them if they know of any other company that may need your products or services. Also try to find out if they have an ad board on which you can stick your business card.

11) Offer to make a presentation : volunteer organizations, industry conferences and local entrepreneur groups are often looking for speakers for their events. These are excellent opportunities to get in touch with potential customers or partners and advertise yourself and your company.

12) Products or services : it doesn’t matter what you are trying to sell; advertise yourself by offering promotional samples and showing off your work. yo can get an idea of ​​your business and will have the opportunity to see if they find something interesting.

3 tactics to push customers to try products and services
13) Marketing on the move : if you use a car or a truck to carry out your business, make sure that the company name, logo and contact information are clearly visible on the bodywork. An inexpensive alternative are magnetic plates, which you can place on the sides of the vehicle.

7 tactics to advertise on the street and increase sales
14) Competition : organize a competition on your website or on Facebook. Make the reward interesting and related to your business. For example: a 40% discount voucher on one of your services or a bag containing test samples. NB: in this way you can increase traffic on the website or on company social media profiles, as well as the number of people who follow your online activity

15) Community events : whether fundraising, festivals or even days dedicated to the family, try to advertise yourself by offering or donating your services / products to events organized within your community. the way to give visibility to your business and to get in touch with potential customers in your area.

4 Tips on how to develop a small advertising budget

The analysis of paid advertising campaigns (usually for the classic Pay per Click) can be particularly stimulating when you are working on a campaign with a limited budget .

Although the common perception is that it takes a big budget to be successful, it has been seen that carrying out a smaller and strictly controlled campaign of even 10 euros a day can sometimes give better results, especially if you are in a market with a limited demand ( niche ).

There are some small tricks of your business strategy that can make a difference both in terms of budget and success. If you have a limit of 5 – 15 euros per day, here are some ways you can maximize your PPC campaign.

Google Adwords offers 75 euros of free campaigns to new users, Bing offers 30. This allows you to get a voucher for the same amount that you spent in your first month of Pay per Click.

So if you spent € 50 in the first month’s paid campaign, Google gives you a € 50 bonus for your second month.

  1. Focus only on one network, preferably on using Adwords for example: the Search Network and the Display Network . There are also video ads and other tools perfected for mobile, but they are channels that need a much higher level of confidence.

Although you may not know initially which of the two is better, focus on one and avoid squandering your money with mediocre results in both.

While the display network can work well if you know how to manage it, I advise you to focus only on the search network, because it is much easier to manage and will give you better results with very limited budget campaigns.

In addition, avoiding the display network eliminates the need for new creative, contextual, etc. targets, which could make managing a smaller campaign more difficult.

3.The more keywords you have, the more time you need to monitor their performance. Furthermore, you would risk losing your budget too quickly by adding a large number of keywords.

Running a low budget campaign with thousands of keywords will lead to failure. Discipline yourself to start small, stop if necessary and gradually add them.

  1. Monitor your explicit match terms like a hawk
    Coming out while you’re ahead is great, but recognizing when you need to reduce a loss will save you a terrible financial faux pas. Look at the explicit terms!

The relevant keywords are great, but not all searches will be relevant, because if people click on your ad and don’t find what they need, this will turn into a high bounce rate .

If you see a keyword that no longer transforms, or that generally has low CTRs (<0.50%), it will be necessary to eliminate them or at least change the match types so that they make sense.


Video engagement rates have always been and will always be higher than all other sorts of media. Therefore, our advertisement services also include video services that include all directing and producing services.

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